1. cleanse clean one's body or parts thereof, as by washing
  2. glance take a brief look at
  3. cleanness the state of being clean; without dirt or other impurities
  4. clonus convulsion characterized by alternating contractions and relaxations
  5. glueyness the property of being cohesive and sticky
  6. Glenn made the first orbital rocket-powered flight by a United States astronaut in 1962; later in United States Senate (1921-)
  7. gluiness the property of being cohesive and sticky
  8. glean gather, as of natural products
  9. collins tall iced drink of liquor (usually gin) with fruit juice
  10. Collins English writer noted for early detective novels (1824-1889)
  11. Colinus New World quail: the bobwhites
  12. coolness the property of being moderately cold
  13. colonise settle as a colony; of countries in the developing world
  14. lens a transparent optical device used to form images
  15. greens any of various leafy plants or their leaves and stems eaten as vegetables
  16. glen a narrow secluded valley (in the mountains)
  17. clean house clean and tidy up the house
  18. gens family based on male descent
  19. Lens genus of small erect or climbing herbs with pinnate leaves and small inconspicuous white flowers and small flattened pods: lentils
  20. Clemens United States writer and humorist best known for his novels about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (1835-1910)

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