1. fress eat a lot and without restraint
  2. fries strips of potato fried in deep fat
  3. freesia any of several plants of the genus Freesia valued for their one-sided clusters of usually fragrant yellow or white or pink tubular flowers
  4. freeze change from a liquid to a solid when cold
  5. FRS the central bank of the United States
  6. foresee realize beforehand
  7. frizz curl tightly
  8. force influence that results in motion, stress, etc. when applied
  9. fire hose a large hose that carries water from a fire hydrant to the site of the fire
  10. farce a comedy characterized by broad satire
  11. Freya goddess of love and fecundity
  12. Freyr god of earth's fertility and peace and prosperity
  13. virus infectious agent that replicates itself within living hosts
  14. Frey god of earth's fertility and peace and prosperity
  15. free house a public house that is not controlled by a brewery and so is free to sell different brands of beer and ale
  16. verse literature in metrical form
  17. Varese United States composer (born in France) whose music combines dissonance with complex rhythms and the use of electronic techniques (1883-1965)
  18. fret be agitated or irritated
  19. freak a person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed
  20. fray wear away by rubbing