1. vector product a vector that is the product of two other vectors
  2. counterproductive tending to hinder the achievement of a goal
  3. productivity the quality of yielding positive results
  4. photoconductivity change in the electrical conductivity of a substance as a result of absorbing electromagnetic radiation
  5. reproductive producing new life or offspring
  6. scalar product a real number (a scalar) that is the product of two vectors
  7. waste product any materials unused and rejected as worthless or unwanted
  8. food product a substance that can be used or prepared for use as food
  9. conductivity the property of transmitting heat, electricity, or sound
  10. dairy product milk and butter and cheese
  11. factor of proportionality the constant value of the ratio of two proportional quantities x and y; usually written y = kx, where k is the factor of proportionality
  12. productive capable of bringing forth, especially abundantly
  13. overprotective overly protective
  14. superconductivity the disappearance of electrical resistance at very low temperatures
  15. software product merchandise consisting of a computer program that is offered for sale
  16. factor of safety the ratio of the breaking stress of a structure to the estimated maximum stress in ordinary use
  17. nonproductive not directly productive
  18. productively in a productive way
  19. radioactivity the discharge of particles or rays in nuclear decay
  20. unproductively in an unproductive manner