1. overt open and observable; not secret or hidden
  2. evert turn inside out; turn the inner surface of outward
  3. Evert United States tennis player who won women's singles titles in the United States and at Wimbledon (born in 1954)
  4. Evers United States civil rights worker in Mississippi
  5. avert turn away or aside
  6. overdose dose too heavily
  7. ovaritis inflammation of the ovaries
  8. Everest a mountain in the central Himalayas on the border of Tibet and Nepal; the highest mountain peak in the world (29,028 feet high)
  9. Euphrates a river in southwestern Asia
  10. ever so (intensifier for adjectives) very
  11. averse strongly opposed
  12. advertise make publicity for; try to sell
  13. overtly in an overt manner
  14. overtax tax excessively
  15. overuse make use of too often or too extensively
  16. invertase an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of sucrose into glucose and fructose
  17. overtop look down on
  18. overture orchestral music at the beginning of an opera or musical
  19. revert go back to a previous state
  20. everyday commonplace and ordinary