1. overland traveling or passing over land
  2. avellane pertaining to filberts or hazelnuts
  3. Verlaine French symbolist poet (1844-1896)
  4. overladen loaded past capacity
  5. overtone (usually plural) an ulterior implicit meaning or quality
  6. overlap extend over and cover a part of
  7. overlayer protective covering consisting, for example, of a layer of boards applied to the studs and joists of a building to strengthen it and serve as a foundation for a weatherproof exterior
  8. overlay put something on top of something else
  9. overdone represented as greater than is true or reasonable
  10. everyman the ordinary person
  11. overlie lie upon; lie on top of
  12. aversion a feeling of intense dislike
  13. avellan pertaining to filberts or hazelnuts
  14. overlying placed on or over something else
  15. overhaul make repairs, renovations, revisions or adjustments to
  16. overlook have a view of something from above
  17. overall involving only main features
  18. waterline a line corresponding to the surface of the water when the vessel is afloat on an even keel; often painted on the hull of a ship
  19. overload place too much a burden on
  20. four-lane having two lanes for traffic in each direction