1. osculate kiss
  2. escalator a stairway whose steps move continuously on a circulating belt
  3. escalator clause a clause in a contract that provides for an increase or a decrease in wages or prices or benefits etc. depending on certain conditions (as a change in the cost of living index)
  4. escalader someone who gains access by the use of ladders
  5. collateral accompanying; following as a consequence
  6. egalitarian favoring social equality
  7. osculator someone who kisses
  8. equilateral having all sides of the same length
  9. escalate increase in extent or intensity
  10. escolar large snake mackerel with rings like spectacles around its eyes
  11. apicultural relating to the care and breeding of bees
  12. sociocultural relating to both social and cultural matters
  13. acculturation the adoption of the behavior patterns of one's surroundings
  14. escalade an act of scaling by the use of ladders
  15. enculturation the adoption of the behavior patterns of the surrounding culture
  16. auscultation listening to sounds within the body with a stethoscope
  17. acculturate assimilate culturally
  18. aquacultural of or relating to aquiculture
  19. aquicultural of or relating to aquiculture
  20. auscultate examine by auscultation