1. employment agreement contract between employer and employee
  2. aggregate a sum total of many heterogeneous things taken together
  3. sampling rate (telecommunication) the frequency of sampling per unit time
  4. jumping orchid orchid having both male and female flowers in the same raceme; when a sensitive projection at the base of the column of the male flower is touched the pollen is suddenly ejected
  5. unsegregated rid of segregation; having had segregation ended
  6. playing card one of a pack of cards that are used to play card games
  7. employment agent someone who runs an employment agency
  8. implicated culpably involved
  9. employment contract contract between employer and employee
  10. aggregated formed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole
  11. camping ground a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent
  12. sampling frequency the frequency of sampling a continuously varying signal
  13. flying gurnard tropical fish with huge fanlike pectoral fins for underwater gliding; unrelated to searobins
  14. nonsegregated rid of segregation; having had segregation ended
  15. compiling program (computer science) a program that decodes instructions written in a higher order language and produces an assembly language program
  16. gambling contract a contract whose performance by one party is contingent on the outcome of a bet; unenforceable by statute in most jurisdictions
  17. implication something that is inferred
  18. enabling act a provision in a law that confers on appropriate officials the power to implement or enforce the law
  19. elongated drawn out or made longer spatially
  20. ingurgitate overeat or eat immodestly; make a pig of oneself

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