1. disingenuous not straightforward or candid
  2. idiosyncrasy a behavioral attribute peculiar to an individual
  3. mizzen course the lowermost sail on a mizzenmast
  4. desynchronise cause to become desynchronized
  5. stone cress any Old World herb of the genus Aethionema
  6. desynchronize cause to become desynchronized
  7. disguise any attire that conceals the wearer's identity
  8. stonecress any Old World herb of the genus Aethionema
  9. tax-increase the amount by which taxes are increased
  10. collision course a course of a moving object that will lead to a collision if it continues unchanged
  11. Cenchrus a genus of grasses of the family Gramineae that have burs
  12. incongruous lacking in harmony or compatibility or appropriateness
  13. disjunctive serving or tending to divide or separate
  14. disencumber release from entanglement or difficulty
  15. disjuncture state of being disconnected
  16. idiosyncratic peculiar to the individual
  17. disincarnate make immaterial; remove the real essence of
  18. design criteria criteria that designers should meet in designing some system or device
  19. disingenuously in a disingenuous manner
  20. disincline make unwilling