1. shaking palsy a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system characterized by tremor and impaired muscular coordination
  2. locking pliers pliers that can be locked in place
  3. changeability the quality of being changeable
  4. singultus (usually plural) the state of having reflex spasms of the diaphragm accompanied by a rapid closure of the glottis producing an audible sound; sometimes a symptom of indigestion
  5. chopping block a steady wooden block on which food can be cut or diced or wood can be split
  6. rising prices a general and progressive increase in prices
  7. polling place a site where voters go to cast their votes in an election
  8. facing pages two facing pages of a book or other publication
  9. hiding place a place suitable for hiding something (such as yourself)
  10. shutting post the gatepost against which the gate closes
  11. passing play (American football) a play that involves one player throwing the ball to a teammate
  12. Shining Path a terrorist group formed in Peru in the late 1960s as a splinter group from the communist party of Peru; is among the most ruthless guerilla organizations in the world; seeks to destroy Peruvian institutions and replace them with a Maoist peasant regime; is involved in the cocaine trade
  13. singlet a collarless men's undergarment for the upper part of the body
  14. long pants trousers reaching to the foot
  15. Oligoplites leatherjackets
  16. closing price (stock market) the price of the last transaction completed during a day's trading session
  17. swimming pool pool that provides a facility for swimming
  18. meeting place a public facility to meet for open discussion
  19. cooking apple an apple used primarily in cooking for pies and applesauce etc
  20. myringoplasty surgical repair of a perforated eardrum with a tissue graft