1. Carlsbad Caverns a group of caverns in southeastern New Mexico noted for their stalactites and stalagmites
  2. Charles Pierre Baudelaire a French poet noted for macabre imagery and evocative language (1821-1867)
  3. garlic bread French or Italian bread sliced and spread with garlic butter then crisped in the oven
  4. Gettysburg Address a three-minute address by Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War at the dedication of a national cemetery on the site of the Battle of Gettysburg (November 19, 1863)
  5. blister copper an impure form of copper having a black blistered surface
  6. Gaylussacia brachycera creeping evergreen shrub of southeastern United States having small shiny boxlike leaves and flavorless berries
  7. Carl Sandburg United States writer remembered for his poetry in free verse and his six volume biography of Abraham Lincoln (1878-1967)
  8. garlic press a press for extracting juice from garlic
  9. Cercospora kopkei fungus causing yellow spot
  10. circuit breaker a device that trips like a switch and opens the circuit when overloaded
  11. cloze procedure a test for diagnosing reading ability
  12. curlew sandpiper Old World sandpiper with a curved bill like a curlew
  13. marriage broker someone who arranges marriages for others
  14. spear carrier a minor actor in crowd scenes
  15. Marcel Lajos Breuer United States architect (born in Hungary) who was associated with the Bauhaus in the 1920's (1902-1981)
  16. Christmasberry spiny evergreen shrub of southeastern United States having spreading branches usually blue or mauve flowers and red berries
  17. reciprocal concerning each of two or more persons or things
  18. bear's breech widely cultivated southern European acanthus with whitish purple-veined flowers
  19. Gerard Peter Kuiper United States astronomer (born in the Netherlands) who studied the solar system and suggested in 1951 that there is a belt of comet-like debris at the edge of the solar system (1905-1973)
  20. false bracken resembles Pteridium aquilinum; of Queensland, Australia