1. Caucasian of or relating to Caucasian people
  2. concussion injury to the brain caused by a blow
  3. coffee can a can for storing ground coffee
  4. Kafocin antibiotic related to cephalosporin but no longer in common use
  5. occasion an event that occurs at a critical time
  6. give chase go after with the intent to catch
  7. focus on center upon
  8. spade casino a form of casino in which spades have the value of one point
  9. coffee senna very leafy malodorous tropical weedy shrub whose seeds have been used as an adulterant for coffee; sometimes classified in genus Cassia
  10. kafkaesque having a surreal, nightmarish, and oppressive quality
  11. Kafkaesque relating to or in the manner of Franz Kafka or his writings
  12. royal casino a form of casino in which face cards have extra point values
  13. coffee cappuccino equal parts of espresso and hot milk topped with cinnamon and nutmeg and usually whipped cream
  14. connexion a relation between things or events
  15. haute cuisine (French) an elaborate and skillful manner of preparing food
  16. refocusing focusing again
  17. arc cosine the inverse function of the cosine
  18. casino a public building for gambling and entertainment
  19. colchicine an analgesic drug derived from the saffron plant and used to treat gout
  20. King Hussein king of Jordan credited with creating stability at home and seeking peace with Israel (1935-1999)