1. penicillin antibiotic used in the treatment of infections and diseases
  2. fence line a boundary line created by a fence
  3. Ponce de Leon Spanish explorer who accompanied Columbus on his second trip in 1493; in 1513 he discovered Florida while searching for the legendary Fountain of Youth (1460-1521)
  4. penicillin O a penicillin that is similar in antibiotic action to penicillin G but is obtained differently
  5. Barcelona a city in northeastern Spain on the Mediterranean
  6. bone cell a cell that is part of a bone
  7. genus Halenia genus of herbs of Eurasia and the Americas: spurred gentians
  8. periselene periapsis in orbit around the moon
  9. Venezuelan a native or inhabitant of Venezuela
  10. business line a particular kind of product or merchandise
  11. business loan a bank loan granted for the use of a business
  12. pencilled drawn or written with a pencil
  13. penciled drawn or written with a pencil
  14. Ponselle United States soprano (1897-1981)
  15. genus Lyonia evergreen or deciduous shrubs or small trees of United States to Antilles and eastern Asia to the Himalaya
  16. beauty salon a shop where hairdressers and beauticians work
  17. Pinus pinea medium-sized two-needled pine of southern Europe having a spreading crown; widely cultivated for its sweet seeds that resemble almonds
  18. genus Euglena type genus of the family Euglenaceae: green algae with a single flagellum
  19. genus Allionia small genus of chiefly American herbs
  20. penicillinase enzyme produced by certain bacteria that inactivates penicillin and results in resistance to that antibiotic

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