1. Berliner an inhabitant of Berlin
  2. surliness a disposition to exhibit uncontrolled anger
  3. earliness quality of coming early or earlier in time
  4. curliness (of hair) a tendency to curl
  5. airliner a commercial airplane that carries passengers
  6. Palinurus type genus of the family Palinuridae
  7. Berlin capital of Germany located in eastern Germany
  8. berlin a limousine with a glass partition between the front and back seats
  9. parlance a manner of speaking natural to a language's native speakers
  10. brilliance the quality of being extremely bright or glittering
  11. bargainer negotiator of the terms of a transaction
  12. Balinese the Indonesian language of the people of Bali
  13. Merlangus whitings
  14. bar line a vertical line before the accented beat marking the boundary between musical bars
  15. bin liner a plastic bag used to line a trash or garbage bin
  16. bilinear linear with respect to each of two variables or positions
  17. Berlioz French composer of romantic works (1803-1869)
  18. birling rotating a log rapidly in the water (as a competitive sport)
  19. liberalness the trait of being generous in behavior and temperament
  20. brilliancy a quality that outshines the usual