1. Athabascan a group of Amerindian languages
  2. Athabaskan a group of Amerindian languages
  3. Athapascan a group of Amerindian languages
  4. Athapaskan a group of Amerindian languages
  5. abscond run away, often taking something or somebody along
  6. Etruscan a native or inhabitant of ancient Etruria
  7. Thomas Aquinas (Roman Catholic Church) Italian theologian and Doctor of the Church who is remembered for his attempt to reconcile faith and reason in a comprehensive theology; presented philosophical proofs of the existence of God (1225-1274)
  8. subsequent following in time or order
  9. Tabasco sauce very spicy sauce made from fully-aged red peppers
  10. adiposeness having the property of containing fat
  11. ataxic abasia abasia due to ataxia of the legs
  12. Madagascan of or relating to Madagascar or its people
  13. tabasco very hot red peppers; usually long and thin; some very small
  14. askance with suspicion or disapproval
  15. Tabasco a Mexican state on the Gulf of Campeche
  16. ozone sickness illness that can occur to persons exposed to ozone in high-altitude aircraft; characterized by sleepiness and headache and chest pains and itchiness
  17. ambuscade the act of hiding and waiting to make a surprise attack
  18. out-basket a wood or metal receptacle placed on your desk to hold your outgoing material
  19. altitude sickness effects (as nosebleed or nausea) of oxygen deficiency in the blood and tissues at high altitudes
  20. ensconce fix firmly