1. adamant very hard native crystalline carbon valued as a gem
  2. open account an unpaid credit order
  3. audited account an inspection of the accounting procedures and records by a trained accountant or CPA
  4. admonition a firm rebuke
  5. written account a written document preserving knowledge of facts or events
  6. margin account an account with a securities brokerage in which the broker extends credit
  7. admonishment a firm rebuke
  8. dormant account a savings account showing no activity (other than posting interest) for some specified period
  9. retirement account a plan for setting aside money to be spent after retirement
  10. pension account a plan for setting aside money to be spent after retirement
  11. take into account allow or plan for a certain possibility
  12. wedding night the night after the wedding when bride and groom sleep together
  13. take account be fully aware of; realize fully
  14. valuation account a reserve fund created by a charge against profits in order to provide for changes in the value of a company's assets
  15. admonishing expressing reproof or reproach especially as a corrective
  16. account a record or narrative description of past events
  17. womankind women as distinguished from men
  18. discount an amount or percentage deducted
  19. expense account an account to which salespersons or executives can charge travel and entertainment expenses
  20. odd man out someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group

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