1. ultimate furthest or highest in degree or order; utmost or extreme
  2. multimedia transmission that combine media of communication
  3. ill-timed badly timed
  4. old maid an elderly unmarried woman
  5. ultima the last syllable in a word
  6. ultimo in or of the month preceding the present one
  7. ultimately as the end result of a succession or process
  8. ultimatum a final peremptory demand
  9. ultima Thule the geographical region believed by ancient geographers to be the northernmost land in the inhabited world
  10. owlet moth usually dull-colored medium-sized nocturnal moth
  11. well-timed done or happening at the appropriate or proper time
  12. well timed done or happening at the appropriate or proper time
  13. ultimacy the state or degree of being ultimate
  14. altimeter an instrument that measures the height above ground
  15. Aldomet antihypertensive drug (trade name Aldomet) used in the treatment of high blood pressure
  16. old-maidish primly fastidious
  17. I Timothy a New Testament book containing Saint Paul's first epistle to Timothy; contains advice on pastoral matters
  18. altitude elevation above sea level or above the earth's surface
  19. undimmed not made dim or less bright
  20. untamed in a natural state; not tamed or domesticated or cultivated

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