Our Favorite Lily Tomlin Quotes

Lily Tomlin is a comedy institution. From "Laugh-In" to 9 to 5 to All of Me, to her one woman show The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe (written by her partner Jane Wagner), Tomlin has been making us laugh and think for a very long time...over 50 years, in fact. Although she never really went away, she's experiencing something of a career resurgence these days with her Netflix series "Gracie and Frankie" and a new movie, Grandma, directed by Paul Weitz. Grandma promises to be the next in a long line of interesting film work that isn't always simply comedic, which includes The Incredible Shrinking Woman, The Late Show, and Robert Altman's Nashville. Here are 13 insightful, funny quotes from Lily Tomlin.
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Something Smells: From "Malodorous" to "Mephitic" to "It Reeks!"

Let's face it. Sometimes things just stink. Literally. For those times, calling something "smelly" really isn't descriptive enough. A strong word is called for, as strong as that odor assaulting your nostrils. This list runs the gamut of words to describe something foul in the air, from the downright genteel "malodorous" to "mephitic" which is appropriate to describe a witch's brew or some other vapor that reeks of evil. Here are those words and eight others that should come in handy when you catch a whiff of something revolting. Check out fun smelly-word etymologies with linguist and Vocabulary.com Blog contributor Adam Cooper in Something Smells: With summer temps peaking, we're bringing in the "funk."
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Rap Lyrics

Rap artists are often maligned for their subject matter and dismissed for their use of profanity, as if curses are the only words rappers know. Here, inspired by Matt Daniels' compilation of data on the breadth of rappers vocabularies ( available here) we take another view and explore the rappers who use advanced vocabulary to get their points across. The words below range from medical terminology to biblical reference by way of Thomas Hobbes, so it may be time to really listen to what these rappers have to say.
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Theodore Bikel (1924-2015) Tribute List

Actor and folksinger Theodore Bikel died on July 21, 2015 at the age of 91. Bikel had many memorable roles in films, including a role in "The African Queen" and the film version of "My Fair Lady," but he was perhaps best known for his work on stage, where he created the role of Captain Von Trapp in "The Sound of Music" on Broadway and was well-known for his touring version of Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof." As the quotes below demonstrate, Bikel could speak his mind on complicated issues and make his position clear without making the opposition into a caricature, a rare talent among people in the public eye. Here are ten vocabulary words from quotes by Theodore Bikel.
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Omar Sharif (1932-2015) Tribute List

Omar Sharif, noted actor and Bridge columnist and expert, died on July 10, 2015 of a heart attack at the age of 83. Sharif was of Egyptian descent and his roles in Lawrence of Arabia (alongside Peter O' Toole) and Dr. Zhivago made him the first Arab Hollywood screen idol in modern film history. Other notable roles include Nicky Arnstein in Funny Girl and the suspicious Major Grau in Night of the Generals, which reunited him with O' Toole. Here are 10 vocabulary words drawn from quotes from Sharif and dialogue from his films.
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Quotes About Jazz from Those who Play it and Those who Love it

The 100th Anniversary of the first use of the word "Jazz" ina musical context is coming up on July 11th. This list presents quotes about what Jazz is as an art form and what it has meant in the lives of those quoted. Here are 11 quotes about the personal and national significance of Jazz.
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Jerry Weintraub (1937- 2015) Tribute List

Hollywood mega-producer Jerry Weintraub died on July 6, 2015 at the age of 77. Weintraub started in music, producing concerts for Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, John Denver and even Elvis Presley. Weintraub entered the movie business and produced such huge hits at The Karate Kid, The Firm and the remake of Ocean's Eleven and its sequels. A list of credits doesn't do Weintraub justice, however. He knew and was friends with nearly everyone in Hollywood and as this list of quotes demonstrates, he was a consummate storyteller and great with an inspiring quip. Here are 10 quotes from Jerry Weintraub, possibly the only man ever to have been able to call both George Clooney and George H.W. Bush close friends.
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Sir Nicholas Winton (1909-2015) Tribute List

Sir Nicholas Winton died on July 1 at the age of 106. When he was just 29 years old, Nicholas Winton exhibited an ingenuity and bravery most people only hope to aspire to. Nicholas Winton organized the safe transport of 669 children out of Czechoslovakia and into Britain away from the approaching Nazi forces. He also found all the children homes, saving their lives. An amazingly modest man, he didn't talk about these actions for 50 years, keeping them secret even from his wife. Here are 10 quotes from and about this extraordinary man - quotes from Winton except where noted.
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Words inspired by "Inside Out"

Disney/Pixar's "Inside Out" takes the viewer inside the head of Riley, an 11-year old girl whose emotions are personified by five characters: Joy, Fear, Disgust, Sadness and Anger. In this this list, we have provided 4 synonyms for each of these five emotions, which illuminate the concepts and enhance expressive power by expanding on the broad cover terms used in the film. Here are 20 vocabulary words inspired by "Inside Out."
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Vocabulary from the Lyrics of Kanye West

Perhaps known more for his publicity stunts and his relationship with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West is a popular and best-selling rapper in his own right. Arguably no one embodies what it means to be a famous pop culture icon in 2015 more than West. In this list we examine his lyrical output, both as a solo act and in collaboration with others. Here are ten vocabulary words from the lyrics of Kanye West.
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Ornette Coleman (1930-2015) Tribute List

Ornette Coleman, a divisive but important figure in the history of Jazz, died on June 11. He was 85 years old. Coleman's improvisational approach to music, and his willingness to stretch the boundaries of what counted as beautiful, made him a figure that not everyone listened to, but that every jazz musician and jazz fan had an opinion about. Here are ten quotes from and about Ornette Coleman that try to paint a picture of a revolutionary musician in words. Quotes are from Coleman unless otherwise indicated.
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Christopher Lee (1922-2015) Tribute List

British film icon Christopher Lee died on June 7, 2015. He was 93 years old. For a long time Lee was best known as Dracula in the low-budget Hammer films depicting that classic character, and as Scaramanga in the James Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun." His career was revitalized by appearances in several Tim Burton films and most notably when he was cast as Saruman in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and as Count Dooku in the Star Wars prequels. Always cast as the bad guy professionally he was also a singer and author, and both of those pursuits let him express a more sensitive side. Here are 10 Christopher Lee quotes about his life and the movie business.
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On Your Mark, Get Set, Commence Your Life!

Not sure how? Learn these words from inspiring 2015 commencement speeches, and you will be well on your way! Get coached by leaders in the fields of business, education, entertainment, politics, science, and technology. For full texts of 2015 graduation speeches, see time.com For more motivation, consult this list: Starting Your New Life
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2015 Spelling Bee - Words from the Semifinals

Words from the semifinal rounds of the 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee. (Full lists here and here.)
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2015 Spelling Bee - Words from Round 3

Words from Round 3 of the 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee. Full list is here.
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2015 Spelling Bee - Words from Round 2

Words from Round 2 of the 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee. Full list is here.
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12 Words to Learn Before Seeing Disaster Epic "San Andreas"

Before you head to the theaters for earthquake disaster movie "San Andreas" this weekend, add words from the film and from earthquake science to your vocabulary learning program. (Sentence examples drawn from EW.com unless specified.)
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10 of the Bellas' favorite words, from "Pitch Perfect 2"

The Barden Bellas are back in "Pitch Perfect 2," and so are their a capella mash-ups and medleys of both contemporary and older pop music that fly at the audience with amazing speed. In this list we've slowed things down a bit and highlighted some of the songs the Bellas and their competition sing, looking for words not usually found in pop. Here are ten vocabulary words from the songs sung in "Pitch Perfect 2."
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10 Words that Inspired Taylor Swift

At just 25 years old, Taylor Swift has proven that she is a pop culture phenomenon that's got some staying power. In this list, the heart of Swift's success, her confessional lyrics, are examined. While remaining mainstream and appealing to her fan base, in these selected lyrics the audience can perhaps hear Swift reaching for something more. As is often the case with artists, this striving involves the use of more advanced vocabulary to express new emotions or to shed new light on well-worn territory. Here are ten vocabulary words from the songs of Taylor Swift.
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Vocabulary from David Letterman's Finest Hour

David Letterman, who hosts his last show tonight, always treated his audience like family. They were always in on the joke, and they got to know his mother and later his son. This sense of community was never clearer than on Letterman's first show back after the 9/11 attacks. Here are ten words from Letterman's monologue that night, when this prince of sarcasm spoke from his heart. Find the complete text of Letterman's post 9-11 monologue here.
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Mother's Day Words: What Mothers Do

At a loss for an original message to put on your mother's day card? Consult this list of verbs to remember all your mother has done for you. Then check out this video Thank You Card for Mom.
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Gene Saks (1921-2015) Tribute List

Actor and Director Gene Saks died on March 29, 2015 at the age of 93. Saks was the director of the original productions of some of the most beloved Broadway stage comedies of the 1970s and 1980s, most of them written by Neil Simon. Below you'll find dialogue from those shows, because a director's contribution to the shape and rhythm of a show lives on as much as the playwright's actual words do. Gene Saks was a master at getting the comedic or dramatic moment right, and here are eleven examples, all from the plays of Neil Simon, except where noted.
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Sam Simon (1955-2015) Tribute List

Sam Simon, who had an exceptional career as a writer and producer on television, died on March 9, 2015 after a long battle with cancer. Among his many other credits, Simon was the unsung hero on the creative staff of "The Simpsons" when the show was was first finding its footing, visually, comedically and emotionally. Here are ten quotes from the first four seasons of the show, when Simon was credited as Creative Supervisor.
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