hunger games 1-9 29 words

  1. utopia
    ideally perfect state; especially in its social and political and moral aspects
    ideal perfection, impractical
  2. dystopia
    state in which the conditions of life are extremely bad as from deprivation or oppression or terror
    extremely bad
  3. entrails
    internal organs collectively (especially those in the abdominal cavity)
    inside parts
  4. reap
    get or derive
  5. apothecary
    a health professional trained in the art of preparing and dispensing drugs
    druggist, doctor
  6. iridescent
    varying in color when seen in different lights or from different angles
    play of colors
  7. paraffin
    from crude petroleum; used for candles and for preservative or waterproof coatings
    waxy, flammable
  8. tessera
    a small square tile of stone or glass used in making mosaics
    token from capitol, year of grain/oil
  9. meager
    deficient in amount or quality or extent
  10. racketeer
    someone who commits crimes for profit (especially one who obtains money by fraud or extortion)
  11. sustenance
    the act of sustaining life by food or providing a means of subsistence
    support, nourish
  12. tribute
    something given or done as an expression of esteem
  13. repentance
    remorse for your past conduct
    regret, sorrow for sin
  14. treason
    a crime that undermines the offender's government
  15. synonymous
    (of words) meaning the same or nearly the same
  16. tenuous
    very thin in gauge or diameter
  17. plait
    a hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair
  18. insurmountable
    not capable of being surmounted or overcome
    unable to overcome
  19. mace
    spice made from the dried fleshy covering of the nutmeg seed
    staff; spice
  20. anticlimactic
    coming after the climax especially of a dramatic or narrative plot
    less important
  21. sanctioned
    established by authority; given authoritative approval
    enforce law, permit
  22. demeanor
    (behavioral attributes) the way a person behaves toward other people
  23. decrepit
    worn and broken down by hard use
    worn out
  24. inexplicable
    incapable of being explained or accounted for
    impossible to explain
  25. tureen
    large deep serving dish with a cover; for serving soups and stews
  26. cornucopia
    a goat's horn filled with grain and flowers and fruit symbolizing prosperity
    extremely abundant, prosperity
  27. swathe
    wrap in swaddling clothes
    wrap, bandage
  28. affectation
    a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display
    exaggerated display
  29. adversary
    someone who offers opposition
    offers opposition